Finding the first words and taking the first steps are always the toughest. 

Making the leap from living in the land of thought to exploring the world of concrete language requires a bit of patience (of which, who has that?) and a willingness to be vulnerable. 

If you're still reading -- meaning you weren't thrown off by the use of the 'V-word' -- this is the place for you. 

Tripping over our words. Shedding light on our insecurities to see them for the surmountable mole hills that they are. Making way for ourselves to be seen. These are big moments that can lead to big growth if we're willing to "go there". 

Welcome to LightWell Coaching + Consulting. This is a space for those willing to explore the connection between personal reflection and professional effectiveness. How we show up for ourselves greatly impacts our ability to show up for others. In the land of policy making and system thinking, being self-aware is now more needed than ever before. 

LightWell is a new venture specializing in the capacity building of individuals and organizations seeking social justice and owning their role in being stewards of social responsibility. What sets LightWell apart from the many excellent coaches and consultants in the field?

  1. LightWell = Social Justice Accelerator. We work exclusively with clients working toward a more just society by creating pathways for more equitable access to resources and opportunities. If you are building it, LightWell wants to support you and your organization. 
  2. Empathy > Everything Else. Squirm if you must. We'll wait. LightWell fundamentally believes in helping our clients to tap into their power of "walking a mile in someone else's shoes" to more deeply understand themselves, their colleagues, and their communities. Neuroscience confirms what many of us already know: the ability to build relational trust with others through words and actions is the most promising way to bring about positive change. 

LightWell is committed to being a transparent partner that offers timely support and measurable success. Accelerate your individual and organizational aims by working with LightWell Coaching + Consulting.

Are you ready to step into a more full, present version of yourself? Take the first step by reaching out to LightWell today.