Pop-UP Coaching

Your team is the bee’s knees and your ticket to success. As a group, you all want:

  • more freedom to act // less road blocks which hinder progress
  • dedicated time reflect // fewer instances of rushed decision making 
  • greater clarity on overall resource allocations // less mismanagement of our finite assets
  • sustainable solutions that inspire teamwork // no toxic interpersonal dynamics that stifle progress

You think a lot about how to carve out space for your employees to unlock the opportunities that may spark the next big idea without you having to grow the capacity of your permanent staff.

Here’s the thing: everyone’s time is valuable and limited.

With a pop-up coaching session at your site, you get the value of a thought partner for individuals and teams without the cost or commitment of pricey consultants.

While long-term coaching partnerships develop into trusting relationships, the benefits of coaching are reaped in each and every session. Pop-up coaching is ideal for both new employees and experienced leaders. 

Pop-ups are:

  • Timely: Individual (60-min) and group (80-min) sessions for one, three, or five 8-hour workdays

  • Efficient: Advance sign-ups ensure participants do not have to wait in line for an appointment

  • Measurable: Brief pre- and post-engagement surveys provide real-time data on the impact of the engagement

Let's have a complimentary 60-minute strategy session for you to try on pop-up coaching and to see how we might partner in supporting you and your team through pop-up coaching.